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Welcome to a world of exceptional craftsmanship and service. A.M.I Ghana is your premier partner in enhancing your living or working space.

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We are very Experienced in Cleaning
And Other Services

Over 12 years, we have been providing high quality and professional services in Cleaning, Décor, Laundry, Curtains & Blinds, Fumigation and Landscaping etc., for commercial businesses, offices, facilities, restaurants, government organizations, institutions, private homes and more. Whether you are a small business, a large Company, National Corporation or a government agency, A.M.I. Services has the capacity and competency to deliver excellence services that exceeds our clients and customer expectations at a competitive price.

We are Committed

We're dedicated to making your space shine. Our commitment to excellence ensures a spotless, welcoming environment every time.

Trusted Professionals

Our team of cleaning experts is highly trained and trusted by clients for their professionalism and reliability. Your space is in safe hands with us.

Highly Rated Cleaning

Experience the difference with our award-winning cleaning services. We're proud to be recognized for our top-quality, highly rated cleaning solutions.


The personality assessment is extremely important for us as it allows us to find people that truly care about doing a good job. You can train people to decorate and clean but you can’t train people to care

Our Services

We Always Provide the Best of Services

AMI Ghana has been a trusted provider of top-notch and comprehensive services for a diverse range of clients including commercial businesses, offices, manufacturing facilities, soo many others.

What We Are Built On

Our Vision

A world class professional cleaning, décor, garment and laundry services providing excellent customer experience using technological innovations for homes and companies within Ghana and beyond.

Our Mission

To build a brand that is known for quality and affordability of products and services with prompt service delivery.

To leverage the use of modem technologies to enable seamless services to deliver value for our customers.

To provide the best of equipment materials and chemicals that is safe for the environment, for our customers and ensure the people we work with  deliver services under strict, safe and hygienic standards.

To be the desired workplace for our teams to be motivated to give their best to achieve excellent customer experience

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